ACL Surgery ACL Surgery


ACL is anterior cruciate ligament which is one of the major and one of the most commonly injured ligaments of a knee joint. It is partially or completely torn in sports like football, basketball, kabaddi, wrestling, rugby and all the other sports in which the players have to suddenly change the direction and speed up or where the players are likely to collide with each other.

About ACL Surgery

ACL reconstruction is a very commonly performed surgery. It is nowadays done through an arthroscopic technique so it is a closed surgery done with an endoscope. The recovery is very fast. The ligament that is reconstructed, uses a natural source, it is usually made from the hamstring muscle of the patient.

Generally, the acceptance and healing is very fast. We have to use certain screws to fix the new ligament. Earlier the screws were made of metal but the disadvantage of metal screws was that sometimes these metal screws hurt and they had to be removed later on, plus with a metal inside, a repeat MRI was impossible. Due to the shortcomings of metal screws, there is an improvisation in the process. We now use biodegradable screws as they dissolve in the body after approximately 2 years.

ACL Surgery Result

The result of the ACL surgery depends not only on the surgeon but also on the sincerity of the patient regarding the follow-up physiotherapy. As the physiotherapy has a big role in attaining desired results. The physiotherapy has to be continued for about 6 weeks and also has to strictly follow the instructions of the surgeon on when to walk, how to walk when to start running, when to start inducting himself into the sports and when to play competitive sports. So if the surgeon, the physiotherapist and patient work as a team then the ACL reconstruction is one of the most beneficial surgeries in orthopaedics today.

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