IS Knee Replacement IS Knee Replacement

Knee is generally replaced in people of old age and generally you must have heard that physiotherapy is done for a long time after knee replacement; knee replacement is a very painful procedure. So generally people are scared of knee surgery because of all this. The reason was that in conventional Technique, we have to cut through the biggest muscle of the body that is called quadriceps.

It leads to bleeding, pain and difficult post-operative period and a long Physiotherapy.

In MIS technique what we call the subvastus knee replacement. The quadriceps muscle is not touched. We just slide the muscle on one side, operate and then allow the muscle to come back on its normal Place. Hence, there is no bleeding, no post-operative pain and because the muscle is not interfered with the muscle strength is as good as it was before the surgery.

So physiotherapy duration is also cut down. This has actually encouraged the surgeons as well as patients to take more and more patients for knee replacement. Hence MIS knee replacement should be done wherever it can be done in elderly patients.